Create a Quote that will tell you how much you need to send and to what address.

Please read How To Make a Payment to understand how Quotes & Offramps work.

Example request

curl https://{{base_url}}/users/USER_ID/quotes
-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY" \
-H "Content-type: application/json" \
-d '{
       "quote": {
          "deposit_token": "usdc",
          "deposit_token_chain": "ethereum"

Endpoint Information

Create a quote

POST https://{{base_url}}/users/:user_id/quotes

Get the required information to create an offramp.

Path Parameters

Request Body

      "id": "1e99d470-dcc2-46f4-970c-bc35a9e13b84",
      "user_id": "a25a4274-8f50-4579-b476-8f35b297d4ad"
      "deposit_token": "usdc",
      "deposit_token_chain": "ethereum",
      "deposit_token_amount": 0,
      "fees": 0,
      "expiry": 1366762500
      "executed": false,
      "rates": {}
    "deposit_address": {
      "adddress": "0x709c56AfDAdBDCAB4f7a6aAe99644C91C3eF67eF",
      "blockchain": "ethereum"
    "offramps": []

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