Tell us the total amount of fiat you want us to pay out, and we'll tell you how much crypto to pay in and where to send it to.

If you are performing a batch payment, fiat_amount should be the total amount of all the sub-transactions.

Example request

curl https://{{base_url}}/users/USER_ID/quotes
-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY" \
-H "Content-type: application/json" \
-d '{
       "quote": {
          "deposit_token": "usdc",
          "deposit_token_chain": "ethereum",
          "deposit_token_amount": null,
          "fiat_amount": "20000",
          "fiat_currency": "eur",
          "rails": null

Endpoint Information

Create a quote

POST https://{{base_url}}/users/:user_id/quotes

Get the required information to create an offramp.

Path Parameters

Request Body

      "id": "1e99d470-dcc2-46f4-970c-bc35a9e13b84",
      "user_id": "a25a4274-8f50-4579-b476-8f35b297d4ad"
      "deposit_token": "usdc",
      "deposit_token_chain": "ethereum",
      "deposit_token_amount": 1047,
      "fiat_amount": 1000,
      "fiat_currency": "eur",
      "expiry": 1_366_762_500,
      "fees": 10.0,
      "rate": 0.92820,
      "executed": false,
      "rails": null
    "deposit_address": {
      "adddress": "0x709c56AfDAdBDCAB4f7a6aAe99644C91C3eF67eF",
      "blockchain": "ethereum"
    "crypto_transfer": null,
    "offramps": []

Minimum Limits

Please see the Minimum Limits section to ensure your payment meets the minimum amounts.

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