Getting Started

How to integrate and authenticate with the Core service.


Below is a step-by-step overview on how to register a user and complete their first crypto-to-fiat payment.

  1. Collect user details and create the User object in Core. Have them sign the usage agreement.

  2. Create a KYC Session and ask the user to follow and complete the onboarding URL.

  3. Wait for a webhook to arrive confirming the user has been approved.

  4. Collect the details of the recipient bank account and create a Payment Detail object.

  5. Request a Quote with the desired input or output amounts to retrieve the corresponding input or output values, and deposit addresses to transfer the input crypto to.

  6. Create Offramp objects that tell us where we should send funds to once your Quote is executed.

  7. Execute your Quote to begin the fiat processing.

  8. Await webhook with updates regarding the progress of each Offramp.

Base URL

The base URL is where our API is hosted. While you are developing we recommend using our sandbox (staging) domain before switching onto production. Throughout our documentation it will be referred to as {{base_url}}

Sandbox Base URL

Production Base URL


We can offer a Postman collection bespoke to your organisation upon request. It will contain all the API requests listed in these docs along with inbuilt Authentication with your API key.

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