The developer's guide to adding Checkout to your payment stack.

Welcome to the Checkout API

Crypto can be off-putting to those getting started, but it's nothing to be intimidated by. Our mission is to change the future of finance, and making crypto accessible to talented developers like yourself will help drive this global change.
With that in mind, we've made these docs as simple as possible. So if you're a first-time developer, or an experienced developer dabbling in crypto for the very first time. We're here to help get you up and running.

What do I need to get started?

To access our API you will 2 things.
  • An API key
  • A crypto wallet address*

Where do I get my API key?

Your API key is accessible via from this link. To login to you will need a crypto wallet. This is how we manage authentication (logging you in and out of your account), as well as act as the receiving address for the checkouts you create via the API.

*What is a crypto wallet address?

TLDR - Your crypto wallet is where you can store your crypto coins and tokens. When you set up a wallet it will have a unique address. This is what we refer to as your crypto wallet address.

Ready to get going?

Alright, so you're ready to start accepting crypto.
You've got your crypto wallet setup and you're eager to get going. Before we take you to our endpoints, let's just run through the essentials. This is going to include our base URL for our endpoints and the headers we require. And don't worry it will only take 2 minutes